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 Seville Alcazar


Why Study Religion?

"If I went back to college today, I think I would probably major in comparative religion, because that's how integrated it is in everything that we are working on." 

--John Kerry, Secretary of State

The Religious Studies major prepares students for careers in a variety of fields including law, journalism, non-profits, NGOs, church and ministry, the Foreign Service, management, international business, public policy, the hospitality industry, and teaching. The major pairs perfectly with almost any other major, given the significant flexibility that majors have in choosing their coursework.

Our undergraduate and graduate students have earned places at prestigious universities and employers. One of our students has gone on to pursue a PhD in Classics at the University of California Berkeley. A second is studying for his doctoral degree as a Thomas Jefferson Fellow at the University of Virginia, while another is helping found the Smithsonian’s National Women’s History Museum in Washington. Yet others are working at the LDS Church History Department, teaching at seminaries, training to become military chaplains, or pursuing careers in law. The possibilities are endless!

Nina Cavazos

Manager of Stakeholder Engagement at National Women’s History Museum


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Kirtan Patel

Charles Redd Fellow in Religious Studies


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