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Religious Study Requirements

Students who complete the Religious Studies Major will understand the influence upon culture and the influence of culture upon religion; analyze the influence of religious value systems on individuals; apply appropriate methods of research and argumentation to questions concerning religion and culture; communicate their findings in clear well-reasoned writing; and express cultural literacy concerning the major religions of the world. 

The Religious Studies major requirements create a balance between several important goals. The major introduces students to 1) the diversity of religious traditions in the world, as well as 2) the many ways of studying religion (theories and methods). At the same time, the major gives students the flexibility to 3) explore in depth any tradition or area of the world that they are interested in.

Click on the links below to see the major requirements. The best place to start is probably the “Advising Tips” sheet. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the Religious Studies Advisor, Mary Leavitt (, or any of the faculty.

Degree Requirements

Requirements - BA, BS
Advising Tips for Major & Minor
Directed Readings/Capstone Form
Internship Form