The Religious Studies Program at Utah State University is committed to offering a first-class education in the study of religion. In order to determine areas of strength and areas in need of improvement the faculty have produced several assessment measures. First, we commissioned a graduate student, Cory Nani, to conduct a thorough study of undergraduate programs in our discipline throughout the United States. Second, we participated in the American Academy of Religion’s survey of undergraduate alumni, which included data on how our students’ responses compared to programs across the nation. Third, we have developed major entry and exit surveys focusing on student’s perceptions on how the major benefited them and prepared them for future career opportunities. Finally, we have prepared course surveys to improve our current curriculum. This assessment will be ongoing as we refine our program to better meet the needs of our student body.

Major Entry Survey

Major Exit Survey

Course Survey

Independent Review of American Religious Studies Programs (Nani)

American Academy of Religion’s Survey of Undergraduate Alumni