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Religious  Studies Assessment Materials

The Religious Studies Program at Utah State University is committee to offering a first class education in the study of religion.  In order to determine areas of strengths and areas in need of improvement the faculty have produced several assessment mechanisms.

Mission Statement

Learning Objectives

Assessment Plan

Reports and External Tools

AAR Alumni Survey Findings USU

Comparative Study May 2014

External Review Summary

IDEALS_Survey_RS_questions 2016

Annual Reports 2015 2016 2017

Outcomes - Survey Tools and Results

Major Entry Survey (new in 2015)

Major Exit Survey (new in 2015)

RELS 1010 Survey Results 2017

RELS 1010 Survey Results 2016

RELS_1010 Survey_Results_2015

RELS 1010 Survey Results 2014

Major Entry and Exit Surveys 2016-17

Qualitative Faculty Assessments 2017-18

Data Based Decisions

       Data Based Decisions 2015-17

       Data Based Decisions 2014-15